domus 923 – Intersections Web 2.0 Editorial Design, 2009 at onlab
This issue of Intersections – a section within domus magazine which has each time a new concept and layout – deals with the web 2.0. We decided to focus on the fact that both web and print are a natural part of our everyday life. They are used parallelly, each fulfilling its own service. We created a Magazine that would only be possible as printed media and gives the reader a possibility for tactile interaction.

Developed under art direction of Nicolas Bourquin and Thibaud Tissot. My part in this project was breaking the topic down to basic layout ideas with them, and afterwards developing the conceptual idea of the folding and its making. Illustrations: Tobias Krafczyk, Publisher: Editoriale Domus, Italy

How to fold Miss Web:

How to fold Mister Web: