CAR SPACE Photography, Book, 2007
The car forms our daily environment. Its influence is seen in all urban surroundings. Walking along the street, crossing intersections, passing rows of parking cars, wherever we go, we are within a space that is built up for cars. How much space does a car actually need? Our work wants to irritate common viewing patterns. The omnipresence of the car is pointed out by its absence.

In collaboration with Anja Gindele at University of Art and Design Zurich.
A project with BMW (Schweiz) AG.
See also Epson Art Photo Award

23% der Siedlungsflaeche Zuerichs besteht aus Strassen.

Ein Parkfeld nimmt 10m2 ein.

96.800 Fahrzeuge umfahren Zuerich pro Tag.

4.800 Fahrzeuge durchqueren Zuerich pro Stunde.

268.180 Autoabstellplaetze bestehen im Stadtgebiet Zuerich.

Das Autobahndreieck Zürich Nord nimmt ebensoviel Platz ein wie
die halbe Zuercher Innenstadt.