Linoprints Information Design, Illustration, 2009 at onlab
We developed a character set to visualize each process, application or material described in the book, composed the illustrations and finally cut them into linoleum – by hand and mechanically.

In collaboration with Matthias Hübner and Marte Meling Enokson, art direction onlab.
Published in "Smart Surfaces and their Application in Architecture and Design", Birkhäuser Verlag

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fig. Touch screen fig. Touch screen p. 143 INFORMATION fig. Sputtern fig. Sputtern p. 77 NANO Technical Background fig. Thermoelectrics fig. Thermoelectrics p. 96 ENERGY Technical Background fig. Photovoltaic fig. Photovoltaic p. 92 ENERGY Technical Background fig. PCM fig. PCM p. 123 CLIMATE Technical Background fig. Light – Reflection fig. Light – Reflection p. 110 LIGHT Technical Background fig. OLEDfig. OLED p. 115 LIGHT Technical Background